SE2200LC CNC lathe

SE2200LC | SE2200LMC

The SE2200LC CNC lathe series from Hyundai-WIA offers a range of machining up to Ø10 ″ quality and rigid throughout the manufacturing life.

Seria de strunguri CNC SE2200LC
  • 30° slanted one-piece bed structure with high rigidity
  • Ensured high-rigidity applying Roller guideway on all axes (X/Z-axis: 30/36m/min)
  • Improved user convenience by applying the latest controller of FANUC
  • Prepared user-oriented lineup including long-bed, mill turret and sub-spindle
  • Compact structure with internal-motor design (for standard-type bed)
  • Ergonomic design for convenient access to chuck and tool

Monobloc rigid beat

Batiu monobloc cu pat înclinat de 30°

Structural analysis was applied to the design of the machine to increase the tool post body and reduce the machine’s height so as to maintain the bed’s dynamic rigidity even during high-speed machining. In addition, the SE Series bed slope is pitched at 30 degrees to ensure more stable machining

strunguri CNC SE2200LC - batiu rigid
Design structural rigid


High-Speed Roller LM Guideway

Linear roller guideways are applied to reduce non-cutting time and
bring high rigidity

strunguri CNC SE2200LC - ghidaje liniare

Main Spindle

Specialized in High-speed and Rough Cutting

The 6” main spindle is designed for high-speed machining by applying two and three-row ball bearings to the front and rear, respectively. In addition, the 8” and 10” main spindles are designed to match the rigid spindle structure by combining the double-row roller bearing and the angular contact bearing, which provides excellent performance for heavy-duty cutting

strunguri CNC SE2200LC - arbore principal

Moreover, we applied the ribstar belt to minimize the slip and noise of the belt during processing, and this improvement enhanced performance of the work and increased processing stability by minimizing bearing damage caused by inflow of the oil.

Shaft specializing in fast and hard cutting and milling operations

Also, the processing performance is improved by applying the Ribstar belt to minimize noise and belt slip problems. The shaft is designed as a maze structure to reduce possible bearing damage caused by the coolant and to improve machining stability.

arbore principal puternic pentru așchiere grea
Strunguri CNC SE2200LC cu arbore principal puternic pentru așchiere grea

C-Axis Control

C-axis of SE Series can be controlled to 0.001° which makes it possible to process various shapes.

Sub Spindle (‘S’ Type)

The Belt-type sub spindle is designed to minimize thermal displacement during the continuous machining, offering from the heavy-duty cutting to the high-speed machining. When the main spindle cutting is completed, the sub spindle rotation is synchronized with the main spindle allowing the workpiece to be transferred to the sub spindle, and machining can begin on the back side of the workpiece.

Arborele Secundar (tip-S)

The integrated “S” type secondary shaft has a 10 “/ 152.4mm universal, which enlarges the machining area and improves the machining function with the help of the C axis. The C axis is able to control 0.001 ° when the milling turret is applied.

CNC mobile doll

Mobile doll (hydraulically operated) with numerical position control (for standard “L” type lathes).

Păpusă mobilă CNC

Servo Turret

The turret of SE series is applied with high performance AC servo motor, improving machining reliability. 3-piece coupling shows excellent performance in indexing. Powerful hydraulic tool clamping minimizes tool tip deviation caused by load

Turelă strunguri CNC SE2200A
Turelă strunguri CNC SE2200

Mill Tool Holder

Machining capability has increased with the addition of straight milling head tool holder.

70Bar High Pressure Coolant

Turret is designed to utilize 70bar high pressure coolant and it shows optimum performance in machining difficult-to-cut material.

TBMT45 Turret (Mill Turret)

The BMT turret secures the tool with four bolts and key on the tool
mounting surface of the turret, making it possible to powerfully fix the
tool, ensuring high reliability in rigidity and precision.

Turelă Centre de strunjire SE2200A
Turelă strunguri CNC SE2200LC

Mill Tool Holder

The machining capacity has increased with the addition of the straight milling head tool holder, which can process parts from the side, and the angular milling tool holder, which can perform various operations.

FANUC Numerical Control

The characteristics of the machine change over time due to variations in load, temperature, position of the machine, wear, etc. Intelligent machine control is a set of features that enhance various machine control functions. These “smart” functions automatically adapt to changing car conditions in real time. The shortest cycle times, the highest precision and the quality of processing can be achieved in a sustainable way.

For example, Smart Adaptive Control adapts the feedrate to the actual load of the shaft and to the temperature during roughing. Through this, Smart Adaptive Control helps you use the power of the machine tool and reduce the machining cycle.

Another example is Intelligent Machining Point Control. The function anticipates the movement of the machining point using a model and reduces vibrations. This reduces the position error of the tool. Therefore, intelligent control of machining points improves the surface quality of machined parts.

Additional functions

Automatic Q-Setter

The cutting tools are calibrated quickly and accurately, with the addition of a q setting (mini feeler sensor). Each tool tip is touched manually using a sensor that automatically enters the position.

Q-Setter automat
Q-Setter automat

Linear optical rulers

Linear optical rulers increase positioning accuracy and reduce distortion caused by thermal deformation, thus ensuring a more precise finished part.

Riglele optice liniare măresc precizia de poziționare
Riglele optice liniare măresc precizia de poziționare

Technical specifications SE2200LC

Max Turning Dia [mm]350
Max Turning Length [mm]549
Driving Method [tip antrenare]Curea
Chuck Size [inch/mm]10″/254
Spindle RPM [rot/min]3,500
Spindle Output [kW]18.5/11
Spindle Torque [Nm]270/120
Travel (X,Y) [mm]210/560
Rapid Travel [m/min]30/36
Slide Type [tip]Liniare
No. of Tools12
Tool Size [mm]25/40
Milling Tool Speed [rot/min]

Technical specifications SE2200LMC

Max Turning Dia [mm]300
Max Turning Length [mm]499
Driving Method [tip antrenare]Curea
Chuck Size [inch/mm]10″/254
Spindle RPM [rot/min]3,500
Spindle Output [kW]18.5/11
Spindle Torque [Nm]270/120
Travel (X,Y) [mm]210/560
Rapid Travel [m/min]30/36
Slide Type [tip]Liniare
No. of Tools12
Tool Size[mm]20/32
Milling Tool Speed [rot/min]6,000

Video processing SE2200

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