Horizontal center CNC KH80G


The Horizontal center CNC KH80G have movable column on the Z-axis thermo-friendly and precision and repeatability at intensive cutting speeds.

centru orizontal cnc KH80G
Horizontal center CNC KH80G
  • The Horizontal center CNC KH80G have Largest work area in its class with maximum processing size of 1,150(45.2″) and 1,150mm(45.2″) height
  • Big Plus #50 2 Step Geared Spindle (Option)
  • 3 Step Gear Main Spindles for heavy cutting conditions
  • Spindle Oil Cooling System for high accuracy
  • Shuttle Type Automatic Pallet Changer
  • Optimized Guide Ways on Each Axis
  • Specially Designed Column which Minimizes Thermal Displacement


“T” Type Bed

The ‘T’ structure of the bed is designed with ample bed height and casting thickness to ensure the optimal level of rigidity

Column Moving Structure

The column moving Z-axis enables precise machining of large-sized
work and prevents overhang of table when loading or machining. The column width of 860mm(33.9″) provides precise machining at any condition. Also, the thermally symmetrical column structure minimizes thermal displacement.


KH80G applies 2 types of guideways. Sturdy box guideways on Y-axis for heavy loads, and LM Guideways on X/Z axis for better movement, providing ultimate travel ability

Horizontal center CNC KH80G guideway

Oil & Air Lubrication

When the air cushion guides are applied, the load on the X / Z axis strokes is reduced. Therefore, the positioning and accuracy of repeatability can be maintained for a long time.


3 Step Geared Spindle

centru orizontal cnc KH80G - angrenaj cutie viteză în 2 trepte

the KH80G is designed with a 3-step gear drive, which provides high
torque at low rpm and stability at high rpm

Spindle Cooling

Spindle temperature can be controlled by the use of a spindle oil chiller. this ensures constant oil temperature and minimizes thermal displacement

Through Spindle Coolant(20/30/70 bar)

Through Spindle Coolant is exceedingly useful when drilling deep
holes. It helps increase the lifetime of the tool, while decreasing cycle time.

Dirijare lichid de răcire

8 nozzles on the shaft improve the accuracy by providing coolant on the machining area with adjustable direction.

centru orizontal cnc KH80G - sistem de răcire prin arbore

Shuttle Type APC

the KH80G is equipped with a shuttle type APC (Automatic Pallet Changer) as standard. The pallet can be rotated in the loading station for quick and easy load/unload of machined parts.

Air cleaning system

During the pallet change cycle, strong explosions of air from the conical cones on the machine table help remove chips to provide a clean surface for locating the pallet. This ensures high pallet positioning accuracy and guarantees optimum rigidity.

centru orizontal cnc KH80G - sistem paletabil


KH80G offers various tool magazines which expand the range of
machining. Also, fixed address tool selection method increases
convenience. Tool change time has been shortened to 3.5s (t-t) and this helps reduce non-cutting time. 2 types of AtC cycles for standard tools (15kg [33lb]) and heavy tools (27kg [59.5lb]) increase convenience

centru orizontal cnc KH80G - magazie scule generoasă

Technical Specifications KH80G

Pallets Size [inch]31.5″×31.5″
Max. Load Capacity2 – 4,850
Spindle Driving MethodGEAR
Spindle TaperBT50
Spindle RPM4,500
Spindle Power35/30
Spindle Torque1,106.3/940.4
Curse rapide (X/Y/Z) [m/min]18/18/18
Slide TypeLM
Tool Change Time9.5
Pallet Change Time28
No. of Pallets2

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