Horizontal CNC center KH50G / 63G

KH50G | KH63G

The Horizontal CNC center KH50G / 63G have movable column on the Z-axis thermo-friendly and precision and repeatability at intensive cutting speeds.

centru orizontal cnc KH50G
  • Step Gear on Horizontal CNC center KH50G / 63G Main Spindle for Heavy Duty Cutting
  • Standard Oil Cooling System for High Precision
  • Shuttle Type APC
  • Box Guides on All Axes for Ultra Rigidity
  • Air Semi-Rising Slideway on Z-axis
  • 8-Face Contact Y-axis Guideway
  • Specially Designed Columns that Minimizes Thermal Displacement
  • Tool Magazine Capacity of up to 120 Tools (Opt.)


“T” Type Bed

The ‘T’ structure of the bed is designed with ample bed height and casting thickness to ensure the optimal level of rigidity.

Column Moving Structure

The Z-axis of the machine is designed with a moving column to prevent table sag. The moving column structure increases rigidity and reduces heat generation. Hence, it shows excellent performance in heavy duty cutting where accuracy and repeatability are maintained.


KH50G/63G is designed with box guideways which show great performance in offsetting vibration. Therefore, it is possible to efficiently machine difficult to cut materials into high precision products.

Air Semi-Rising Slide Way

By applying the air semi-rising slideways, the load on the Z-axis slideway is decreased. Therefore, positioning and repeatability accuracy can be maintained for a long time.

8-face Contact Y-axis Guideway

Spindle head contacts 8 faces of Y-axis guideway. This new method allows cutting forces generated by the spindle head to be absorbed by the Y-axis box guideways which improves heavy duty cutting ability, accuracy, and surface finish.


2-Step Geared Spindle

KH50G/63G is designed with a 2-step gear drive, which provides high torque at low rpm and stability at high rpm.

Spindle Cooling

The spindle cooling system minimizes thermal displacement which can happen during lengthy machining operations, and offers continued accuracy based on the thermal stability.

Through Spindle Coolant (20/30/70 bar)

Through Spindle Coolant is exceedingly useful when drilling deep
holes. It helps increase the lifetime of the tool, while decreasing cycle time.

8 Nozzles Directing Coolant

8 nozzles on the spindle improve precision by providing coolant on the machining area where direction of injection can be adjusted.

centru orizontal cnc KH50G/63G sistem de răcire prin arbore


KH50G/63G is equipped with a shuttle type APC (Automatic Pallet Changer) as standard. The pallet can be rotated in the loading station for quick and easy load/unload of machined parts.

Air Clearing System

During the pallet change cycle, strong air blasts from the taper cones on the machine table helps remove chips to provide clean surface for locating the pallet. This ensures high accuracy of pallet positioning and guarantees optimum rigidity.

centru orizontal cnc KH50G/63G - sistem paletare automatizată

ATC& magazine

KH50G/63G offers various tool magazines which expand the range of
machining.Also, fixed address tool selection method and 2 types of ATC cycles for heavy tools and standard tools increase convenience.

centru orizontal cnc KH50G/63G - magazie de scule

Technical Specification KH50G

Pallets Size [inch]19.7″×19.7″
Max. Load Capacity [lbf]2 – 1,764
Spindle Driving MethodGEAR(2STEP)
Spindle TaperBT50
Spindle RPM [r/min]4,500
Spindle Power [HP]24.8/20
Spindle Torque [lbf.ft]664.5/538.4
Travel [inch]29.9″/27.8″/25.6″
Rapid Feed Rate (X/Y/Z) m/min20/20/20
Slide TypeBOX
No. of Tools40
Tool Change Time (Chip To Chip)11
No. of Pallets2
Pallet Change Time26

Technical Specification KH63G

centru orizontal cnc KH63G
Pallets Size [inch]24.8″×24.8″
Max. Load Capacity [lbf]2 – 2,205
Spindle Driving MethodGEAR(2STEP)
Spindle TaperBT50
Spindle RPM [r/min]4,500
Spindle Power29.5/24.8
Spindle Torque789.9/664.5
Rapid Feed Rate(X/Y/Z)20/20/20
Slide TypeBOX
No. of Tools40
Tool Change Time
(Chip To Chip)
No. of Pallets2
Pallet Change Time26

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