May 16, 2016



The HYUNDAI WIA LM1600 Series Multitasking Twin Spindle Turning Centers feature Y-axis controlled BMT55P turret, which enables a combination of metal removal operations, by one machine, in a single set-up. The wedge type Y-axis offers a compact, space-saving design with superior positional accuracy and is easy to program.



    • Box Guideways – provide unsurpassed long-term rigidity and accuracy, even under the heaviest of cutting operations.
    • Gearless Spindle – Designed for high precision applications, with features that ensure minimal thermal growth at high speeds or under heavy cutting loads.
    • Sub Spindle – The 6” sub spindle (S – Type Configuration) with C axis, offers 0.001° unit of index and is driven by the B axis ball screw and servo motor, to ensure high precision and accuracy.
    • BMT Turret – Latest generation BMT top plate increases tool performance and rigidity by securing each tool with 4 screws (VDI140 also available).
Specifications LM1600TTSY
ZB – rapid travers ipm(m/min) 1,575 (40)
Z – rapid traverse ipm(m/min) Z1/Z2: 1,575/1,575 (40/40)
Y – rapid traverse ipm(m/min) 295 (7.5)
X – rapid traverse ipm(m/min) X1/X2: 787/787 (20/20)
ZB-axis travel in(mm) 28.5 (725)
Z-axis travel in(mm) Z1/Z2: 27.6/28.4 (700/720)
Y-axis travel in(mm) ±2.0 (±50)
X-axis travel in(mm) X1/X2: 6.5/7.5 (165/190)
Bar capacity in(mm) 2.05 (52)
Chuck Sub-Spindle in(mm) 6
Chuck Main Spindle (in) 6
Maximum turning length 4.7 (120)
Swing over the bed
Spindle Power hp (kW) 20/15 (15/11)
Maximum spindle speed 6,000
Sub-Spindle Power hp (kW) 20/15 (15/11)
Maximum sub-spindle speed 6,000