May 20, 2016



The HYUNDAI WIA F410D Vertical Machining Center (Travels: 570mm x-axis, 410mm y-axis, 580mm z-axis) features a traveling column design with dual tables. The table and the work piece remain stationary during machining. This design provides uniform loads to; guideways, ballscrews and the spindle motor.



    • LM Guide – Rapid High Speed axis movement is achieved by the use of linear motion guide ways. – Spindle – Directly connected to the main spindle by a high speed and high precision coupling to achieve rapid acceleration and deceleration without backlash.
    • ATC – The tool magazine holds twenty four (24) tools as standard and thirty (30) tools as an option. The Double Arm ATC provides fast and reliable tool changes to help reduce machining cycle times.
    • Rigid tapping – is standard and eliminates the need for special tooling. Consistent and accurate tapping increases tap life and reduces the machining cycle time.
Specifications F410D
Spindle Taper NT#40
ATC Capacity (opt) 24
Spindle Power (opt)
Spindle Power hp (kW) 14.7/12.1 (11/9)
Spindle RPM (opt) 10,000
Tabel Size ( lenght√ówidth ) 25.6 x 16.1 (650 √ó 410)
Z – rapid traverse ipm(m/min) 1,181 (30)
Y – rapid traverse ipm(m/min) 1,417 (36)
X – rapid traverse ipm(m/min) 1,417 (36)
Z-axis travel in(mm) 22.8 (580)
Y-axis travel in(mm) 16.1 (410)
X-axis travel in(mm) 22.4 (570)